Model NC-1
Woofer 6.5" High Tensile Woven Glass Fiber Cone
Tweeter 1 " Silk Dome
RMS Power 60W
Nominal Impedance
Sensitivity (1M/1W) 89dB
Frequency Response 60Hz-20kHz
Product Dimensions ∅269x140mm(∅10.6"x5.5")
Cutout Size ∅238mm(∅9.4")


  • When the speakers are installed in the ceilings, ensure the ceiling structure is reliable and that the speakers are firmly attached.
  • Install the speaker in a location that can structurally support the weight of the speaker and its mounting hardware. Otherwise it may result in the unit falling down and causing personal injury.
  • Do not use nails, adhesives or other unauthorized devices. Long-term use and vibrations may cause it to fall easily.
  • Do not touch or bump the woofer and tweeter. If these are damaged, the sound will be distorted.
  • Do not listen to sound at a very high level when you are changing the input source (for example, to tune FM / CD) installation or removal of cables should make sure that the power amp / amplifier device radio is turned off.


The hardware equipment listed below is needed to install the speaker.

Keyhole Saw/Cutting Saw

Wire Stripper

Phillips Screwdriver


Tape Measuring

Stud Finder (for wood stud wall)

Safety Goggles



Ensure that you have received all parts according to the component checklist prior to installation. If any parts are missing or faulty, contact your place of purchase for a replacement.



Cutout Template

User Manual


1. Cut the Speaker Hole

Use a stud finder to locate an area that is free of obstructions or studs. Position the cutout template where you are installing the speaker. Trace the template to mark out the speaker location with a pencil. Drill a pilot hole and cut all of the way around the circular outline with a cutting saw.

2. Wire the Speaker

Pull the speaker wire out of the hole which you have cut and connect it to the speaker as shown.

3. Install the Speaker

Place the speaker into the ceiling and tighten all the clamp screws with a Philips screwdriver.

4. Attach the Grill

As several magnets are on the speaker frame, attach the grill on the rim of the speaker directly. Ensure the grill is attached to the speaker securely to keep the grill from falling.


Ensure that the speaker is unplugged from the mains before making any connections.

Stereo Connection of L/R Pair Speaker

Connect the input terminals of the speakers to the speaker output terminals of the amplifier. Always check to ensure polarity is correct. L(left) to L, R(right) to R, “+” to “+”, and “-” to “-“.

Note: Anytime you note distortion, reduce the volume to a lower setting. Never allow your amplifier to be driven into “clipping”. Otherwise the speakers may be damaged. Damage caused by operating the speakers at distorted volume levels is not covered by the warranty.

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