Indoor Panel (Metal Case Touch Screen)

This Indoor Panel with Metal Case Touch Screen features 7 inches LCD capacitive touch screen. It supports 8 defense and IP camera, so users can easily monitor safety. It can also be unlocked remotely using a mobile phone or through app controls.

Indoor Panel (Plastic Case with Physical Buttons)

Sleekly covered with plastic case combined with easy touch physical buttons, this Indoor Panel features 7 inches TFT LCD screen, supports both 8 defense and IP camera, and has quick access manual buttons for its users. It works perfectly for maintaining safety monitoring indoors. It can also be navigated using app controls and unlocked remotely on mobile phone.

Outdoor Station for Multi Apartments

The Outdoor Station for Multi Apartments is designed to enhance security in homes. It features a manual digital keypad, powerful manual button, TFT screen, call and intercom, and TCP/IP communication transmission stability. Works perfectly to maintain safety, so its monitor function are both for indoor and security machine. Users may have access through the IC card, password, or remote unlock through an app.

Guard Station

Guard Station serves as a handy security tool for offices or other commercial spaces. It works well for call and intercom with connecting communication not being an issue. It also features 10 inches TFT LCD screen, which is useful for easily seeing and tracking calls.

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