A: Most of our devices doesn’t require any special wiring. Depending on you lighting preference and configuration, some of our light switches will require a neutral wire.

A: For old an existing house, we can do retrofitting depending what is available. As much as possible we prefer to be part of planning stages of your smart house so we can specify correct provisions that can apply to your smart house design.

A: Most common are lights and climate. But it really depends on what your needs are.

A: We can provide full automation engine that uses temperature, occupancy and light sensors to detect temperature, movements and light level in a room. for example. the smart house can set the switches and appliances to turn on when some one enters the room and will continue to turn on as long as some one is still in the room. it can also be programmed not to turn on the lights if it detects the light level is enough and the room will not need additional lighting. Lights will turn off by itself when no one is in the room.

A: We can define automation base on owner preferences. 

A: With a smart house you can manage comfort, security, energy and be notified / alerted real time on what matters most to you.

A: In a large space we can add several sensors to cover large areas.

A: Yes we can use combinations of schedulers, sensors and adjust sensitivities of sensos.

A: We prefer to use electric powered solutions. In situations that battery is preferred, we use high endurance lithium batteries that can last for more than a year. We can also convert battery operated devices to be electricity powered.

A: Internet is only needed during initial setup. All automations will work with out internet.